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A man working on the roof of his house.

New Tax Credit

Tax Season is upon us. This time of year brings a lot of dread, your potential customers are opening up their W-2’s hoping their tax bill isn’t sky-high.

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Metal Roofing 101

A quality roof is one of the most important ways to protect your home from potential damage and costly repairs.

A man on a ladder painting the roof of his house.

Hail Resistance to Metal Roofing

There are many things to consider when thinking about hail resistance. First, a very strong point of metal roofing is that it will resist hail the same when it is many years old as it will when it is new.

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Does Hail Damage Metal Roofing?

In Texas, if you are accepting a discount for having an impact-resistant roof, you do waive your right to replacement due to cosmetic damage

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