New Tax Credit

Tax Season is upon us. This time of year brings a lot of dread, your potential customers are opening up their W-2’s hoping their tax bill isn’t sky-high.

With the 26% extension for two years, use this tax season to your advantage and close more solar deals.

Remember, you are not a tax professional, but you can help educate your customers on how the tax credit works. And if you aren’t using any financing, it’s a great time to start. Solar loans and tax credits go well together!

Here’s how it works with most solar lenders. When you buy a solar system and finance it with $0 down, the monthly payment is based on the after tax credit amount. That way, when tax season comes around, homeowners can choose to roll their tax credit amount into the loan to keep the payment the same. Or they can keep it, but will then have higher monthly payments. Better yet, put more money towards the loan, and their payment will be lower! Coaching your customers on their options will help them feel more comfortable with financing.

Solar Engine can help with this Sales Strategy, we can walk you through the process. How do you talk about finance and the tax credit? Let us coach you on how to make the best of the tax situation.

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