Inspections and Estimates

Inspections and Estimates

Ironclad Roofing & Renovations offers free roof inspections and estimates for repair, replacement or even upgrade of your roof.

There are many clients who have experienced roof leaks or noticed visible signs of aging on their home. However, the majority of people do not realize that there are additional components to your roof system that are not always easily identifiable, especially to the untrained eye. There is no substitute for certified roof inspections.

Some contractors will complete a basic roof inspection, which consists of examining the exterior of the roof (sometimes only from street level!) and basic components such as flashings. This is a basic standard in the remodeling industry. However, more thorough inspections can identify areas of concern and items that could potentially lead to further (and more costly) damage.

That is why our roof inspectors complete a comprehensive 20-point inspection that covers basic items, as well as an inspection and review of potential issues, and provides you with a full overview of the results. Our comprehensive inspection includes:

Inspect all flashings in the roof system

Inspect all pipe collars, storm collars, air vents, power fans and accessories

Check for any damage to the roof deck on the exterior AND interior surfaces

Complete spot checks across the roof system for straight lines, appropriate fasteners, and number of layers of existing roof

Inspect gutter system to insure adequate drainage

Complete an attic inspection for moisture, mold, mildew and adequate ventilation

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