Roof Maintenance

When inspecting your roof you want to pay particular attention to any leaves or other debris found on your roof. The problem with leaves and debris collecting on your roof is they tend to collect and gather in areas and this collection of debris will eventually start to gather water or moisture which will begin to break down the shingles on your roof.

Debris on your roof can also collect in valleys which will eventually prevent the proper flow of water away from your roof and into your roof gutters.

When you get down to it the main problem with debris on your roof is that it doesn’t allow for water to flow away from your roof and into your gutters the way it’s supposed to. Most roofers will tell you that most leaks emanate from openings in the roof like chimneys, joints and vents (parts of your roof that are protected with roof flashing) and those are common areas for debris to collect. Obviously this is all easily taken care of with some routine roof maintenance.

Most homeowners can avoid roof leaks and repair bills with some routine roof maintenance and most are shocked to find out that sometimes it’s as simple as clearing your roof of leaves and debris.

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