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Your roof is one of your biggest weapons against high energy costs. According to, 90% of roofs in the United States are poorly designed and built with dark, non-reflective materials that absorb rather than reflect heat.

While good insulation offers some relief, it doesn’t stop the transference of heat from the roof top to the attic. And when your attic is overheated, that excess heat will transfer into your home and make the A/C work harder than it should. Two factors impact a roof’s ability to stop this transference of heat: solar reflectance and ventilation.

The professionals at Iron Clad Roofing know that your home is a huge investment that needs to pair with first-rate energy-efficient system. We provide quality workmanship for a variety of eco-friendly and energy-efficient options – windows, doors, insulation and solar. Our professionals are ready to work with you or your contractor. We are knowledgeable about permitting procedures and home owners’ associations’ guidelines and covenants. As such, we are prepared to handle any and all paperwork required by cities and HOAs.

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